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About us


Aufderhaar Plastic Recycling B.V. wants to contribute to the circular economy by connecting the circuit on the most advanced and economical manner. This means optimal recycling of plastic waste to grinding as a secondary raw material suitable for reuse.


Aufderhaar Plastic Recycling B.V. encourages the sustainability of PP and HDPE resources by using innovative and sustainable processing methods in order to create added value to buyers and processors in the plastics processing industry. Our ambition and strength lies in the ability to be a leader in a changing recycling market which puts more demands on the supply of species purity streams washed regrind. We also want to be seen enduring as a reliable partner, specialized in our field, in purchasing waste and carry out grinding and/or washed high quality regrind.
In addition, we consider a safe and healthy workplace means that experienced employees with fun, commitment and passion provide optimal work performance. Therefore in our vision commitment, honesty, reliability and professionalism are standing central to finally delivering quality to the buyer / processors, both organisationally and physically.


Our starting point is to understand the supplier requirements. Where can we as a company offering added value to the customer who also makes demands on its quality !! Our experience enables us to find solutions to recycling issues and to provide advice and options for the recycling of various waste streams.

All activities are pre-arranged and planned to maximize efficiency. We work hard to make sure to make all aspects of our service as “smoothly” as possible. Our business model is designed to provide the integrity and transparency. This is achieved by clear procedures which begins with the quality control of incoming waste, efficiently processing the waste, control of final quality, supply of raw materials and correct preparation of the invoice. We use the information to manage the procedures and monitoring. Upon completion of all quality control before and during the production process, a sample is taken from the raw materials produced and checked to confirm that they meet the compliance of customer requirements and then be released and may leave the warehouse at their destination.

The raw materials are safely packed in big bags or loaded into silo trailers, according to your needs. Backed by our knowledgeable team you can rely on Aufderhaar Plastic Recycling by delivering what you need, when you need it!