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Grinded and washed PP or HDPE flakes More information
Grinded and washed PP flakes More information


The PP and HDPE we process vary widely. Aufderhaar Plastic Recycling B.V. is proud of the fact that we can supply regrinds, both in the Netherlands and Europe, with a consistently high quality. Our modern equipped production environment consisting of four purpose-built washing facilities is more than capable of pre-mixing, washing, grinding of recyclable plastic to upgrade to raw materials for further processing needs – including injection, blow moulding and extrusion. By investing in the washing and grinding stages we are also able to process consumer packaging waste alongside production waste. On this we focus on the purchase of sorted bales of packaging (PP and HDPE) from both the sorting and after sorting.


Within our built up network of relationships we can also offer various other qualities regrind besides offering goods processed by ourselves. Ask for the possibilities.

Contract work

In addition to the processing of purchased materials are opportunities to take contract work assignments. With a personal touch we can tune it further.

When it comes to recycled plastic, you can be sure of a great deal with Aufderhaar Plastics Recycling. Please contact us for the latest Supply and Demand.